With most of the country under stay-at-home orders, one of the few times we’re going out during this coronavirus threat is to go to the grocery store.

Unfortunately, with everyone having to go shopping at some point, there is some risk of catching the virus while at the store. 

Carthage Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has four ways on how to stay safe while shopping for and buying your groceries


  • Minimize Trips to the Store


The best way not to catch coronavirus at the grocery store is to keep the number of times you’re at the store to an absolute minimum. Try to shop once per week at the most (every two weeks is even better). Shopping at off-peak times will also help, but this may be hard with stores limiting their hours. In addition, several stores are offering seniors-only shopping hours.


  • Keep Your Distance


Follow social distancing regulations while you’re in the store, so stay six feet away from fellow shoppers at all times. 


  • Touch as Few Things as Possible


You will want to wipe down your shopping cart or basket, and then only touch what you’re going to buy. For example, don’t touch six avocados before settling on one. In addition, you can use an extra produce bag as makeshift gloves. And, if you can, leave children at home, since they love to touch things.


  • If You Use Reusable Bags, Wash Them When You Get Home


You can opt for paper or plastic, but if you would rather bring your own bags, that’s fine, as long as you wash them as soon as you get home and unpack your groceries. 

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