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The ones who care beyond compare.

Spanning multiple cultures, generations, educational backgrounds and areas of medical expertise, our multilingual team delivers care that’s as human as care gets.

Debra Wurz LNHA


Debra’s unique concern for each resident that steps foot into Carthage Center can only be a result of years of experience with some personal history too. Debra has been a nursing home administrator for over 20 years but brings with her even more experience in caregiving. Before becoming an administrator, Debra took care of her grandfather, so she knows the importance of creating a homey and comfortable atmosphere for a resident to live in. That’s actually why she loves working at Carthage Center. “I’ve been an administrator for a long time, and when the opportunity came to move to Carthage Center, I jumped at it. Carthage is a small, family-oriented facility. It’s an atmosphere I just love”. In her free time, Debra enjoys bowling, skiing and running. She regularly runs 15Ks in Utica, but don’t try to get her to run a full marathon because her answer will most definitely be “no.”

Denise Boyer RN

Director of Nursing

Denise has been working in Long-Term Care for 43 years, with 40 of them as an RN. So it’s safe to say, she’s pretty much seen it all. And she is the proud mother of three and grandmother of five, so TLC is just one more important base that she has covered, and quite well we might add. But what sells everyone on Denise is the fact that she’s a “nurse’s nurse.” Equal parts teacher, mentor, coach, confidante and friend, Denise leads by example as a full-time caregiver. She sets a high bar, then makes sure everyone on her team is able and willing to clear that bar every day. Make sure to meet her when you come to visit. You’ll be glad you did.

Sarah Ainsworth OT

Director of Therapy

“I’ve always been a very independent person, so it just seemed natural to pursue a career that would let me help others enjoy their independence the way I enjoy mine. And I found the perfect career in rehab.”

Sarah is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She also holds LSVT, BIG Certification which is a special exercise treatment program designed to help those with Parkinson’s disease. “I’m passionate about helping people be as independent as they can be. And I love helping my staff be the best therapists they can be. Every day we have the opportunity to advance someone’s independence and enhance their life. Who else can say that?” With that approach, it’s no wonder Sarah is so popular with staff, residents and family members alike.

Jeanette Doney LSW

Director of Social Services

Jeanette has more than 40 years of experience as a social worker.

(As you can see, we place a lot of value on experience at Carthage Center.)

After graduating from Syracuse University, Jeanette went into acute care before coming to long-term care and never looking back. “I love long-term care. The residents here may have chosen us as their new home, or they may have come to us after a hospital stay that left them needing a little more help than they had at home. No matter how they found us, they all become part of our community. And one of my roles is to help them get comfortable in that community. It’s great to see the change, as people go from being a new resident unsure of what to expect, to another vital part of our community here, looking forward to each new day. Being part of creating that kind of positive change is what excited me about social work 40 years ago, and it still excites me today.” Now that’s a social worker!

Danielle Bauer

Director of Activities

“My job is to make sure the people around me are having fun, and doing it right means that I’m having fun too. Who could ask for more? I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, and I’m a certified recreation specialist. Bet you didn’t know there was a degree program in making sure people have a good time, but there is. We combine fun activities with each residents’ physical, occupational, speech and even behavioral therapy requirements. That way, the therapy never ends — it just takes on a different form. And it keeps our residents active, engaged and involved in discovering new things; all things that keep them mentally, physically and emotionally sharp.” Danielle is one of the favorite staff members here, and it’s easy to see why. She makes life easier, more enjoyable and just plain happier for all of us.

Knowledge is health.

For the absolute highest quality of care, Carthage Center staffs medical providers on each unit who stay in constant communication with leadership throughout the day. Team collaboration is our forte, and this commitment helps us maintain an unbeatable continuum of care.

Our team also works hard to keep therapies as consistent as possible, tracking all communications through an advanced electronic medical record system. This ensures immediate transmission of information across the entire care network.